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“Life’s Better With Family…”

What We Do

Our commitment to providing effective coverage is built upon valuable, long lasting relationships built on trust. What sets us apart from your typical insurance company derives from us mastering these 3 areas:

Employee Benefits Administration, Education & Compliance

Phone or Web Consultations

Business Coaching & Consulting

At Garrett Family Insurance & Finance

Group We Help You

  • Protect Your Company & Employees
  • Create Value
  • Deliver Results
  • And More!


Brandon Garrett

Welcome to the Garrett Family Insurance & Financial Group. We provide the best solutions available so that what you value most is always safe. 

“Life’s Better With Family…”

With our unique approach, our clients know, feel, and believe that they belong to an extended family.

 As a collective family, we are good stewards in our communities by giving generously of our time and resources to invest in our community’s future because Life Is Better With Family.


Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk…

We’re here to answer any questions you have on how to select the best solution for your business needs. 

During your free strategy call, we’ll review your company’s requirements and you’ll walk away with actionable steps and valuable information.

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